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Providing employee health checkups has become an unstoppable trend for businesses. However, for companies, individually negotiating with multiple health checkup institutions is time-consuming and cost-inefficient. We offers a service that matches corporate employee health examinations, providing collaboration with multiple health checkup institutions and electronic reports. Based on this, we also offer health management plans for employees after the health checkup.


Whom We Serve

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Our Solutions

Health Examination

Tailoring employee health examination items, assessing health issues, and offering suitable health management plans and services.

Physician Service Programs

Collaborating with 2,200 physicians across 36 specialties to offer employees online medical consultation services.

Care Service

Offering short-term caregiving personnel to assist employees in taking care of their families, ensuring a stable home environment for peace of mind at work.

Integrated Solutions

Assisting companies in planning comprehensive programs for health and care to meet the needs of employee well-being and sustainable business practices.

Our Service & Strength

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    Integrating over 250 health checkup institutions across Taiwan, providing digital, comprehensive, one-stop solutions to address corporate challenges.

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    Aggregating health examination items into a summary, offering questionnaire survey results, meeting occupational safety and health requirements, enhancing management efficiency.

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    Analyzing 10 health risk assessments and 7 biological age reports to gain a better understanding of individual sub-health conditions and strengthen the motivation for health improvement.

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    Collaborating with 2,200 physicians across 36 specialties to offer employees online medical consultation services.

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    Providing 1x365 health management value-added plans to assist companies in managing employee health throughout the entire year.


Our Clients

We have served numerous large, medium, and small enterprises, covering the 12 major industries in Taiwan, including the technology industry, manufacturing, service industry, financial industry, wholesale and retail industry, and more. Our clientele continues to grow annually



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